Confusing situation. Tell him how I feel although everythings not going good. Why the change in feeling now?

Here is my situation: I had an amazing boyfriend whom we both connected on ever level had same likes and got along great. Things were great. He went through stress and closed off from everyone including me and not wanting to go out etc. After he tod me he didn't have feelings what he thought he should at that time and felt like we werent growing. ( his fault i think) he told me how amazing I was and such before that and always told me if there was an issue he would tell me and we would talk. Instead he didn't and just basically broke up with me and did not express how he was feeling before it happend. Well after bu he stayed oin contact making intiation. We talked and such and hung out and had sex a few times. I still felt something there between us. And now its been 4 months since bu we still had sex not a lot but still and we talked the other day he said if i was ok with what we were doing. I told him i still had feelings and such and always will. He told me wed talk later after I left the next morning and he texted me last night saying he doesn't think its a good idea and finished texting today right bfore his vacation. He said hopefully what he said makes sense and he doesn't want me to be in a weird position considering how i still feel and its not fair to either of us especially me. i want to just write himsomething long and explain how I feel and how I felt when he never talked it out with me before the breakup and such. in my heart i still feel something between us happening but right now its not looking good. Why would he do this and or why all of a sudden the change of heart? I dont want to ruin his vacation with my text but maybe talk in person when he is home or something. he seems to always feel one way one day then change it the next after thinkgin. And the bu He said he was thinking about all of it for awhile so I don't know.


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  • Well probably stop ed it as you said you have feelings. And he doesn't want to cause any more confusion


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