My exgf who is a relationship with another guy sent me an email asking about how life is treating me without her in my life?

The email was basically askin how am I doing without her in my life? And she hopes it's doing me good, because it is not doing here any good without me in her life!! And she also mentioned an incident that I am the only one who understands her pain. I have been in NC for almost a month after she updated her status to in a relationship on FB. I have no intention to get back to her, just to make things clear here. But what I would like to know is what is going on in her head, why is she contacting me when I clearly stated in my last text that she was the love of my life, but since she is with another guy I can't be around as it is not fare for me or the new guy.


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  • She's clearly not happy with the other guy and is still in love with you. She's just using the other guy as a rebound.. which is messed up by the way. Do you still love her?

    • Yes I still love her, nut one thing that i should state clearly, I've learned to love myself, I went through sleepless nights, my career was at stake, I allowed her in my life after her first rebound, and yet, she kept me as an option until suddenly she is in a relationship with another guy, and she told me that despite all that she can't imagine me with another girl.
      So i took it to myself that i shall not drag anyone in my life unless i am completely over her, so i will not betray my future one.

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  • The love of your life is telling you, her life without you isn't going well. And you, clearly want her back in your despite what you wrote up above. I read between the lines mate. And while I understand your position, to respect her new relationship &I to try to get her to respect her new fella as well. I also see it like this mate.

    Um... you're in a position to get back the "love of your life". And you're not increasing your chances or jumping at the oppertunity? I'm just surprised by this choice mate.

    I suggest you talk to her! Is she still with the new guy? She's most likely ready to start back up with you based on her words and actions!

    Talk to her mate

    • Thanks mate for your reply, I highly appreciate it, maybe deep down I still want her, but what I haven't stated earlier is that this is her second attempt after our official breakup to be with another guy, after the first attempt I kept my doors open, and I allowed her to be back in my life and we met a handful times, and on the very day that she updated her status to a relationship I did ask her while on phone if she is seeing another guy and she walked around the answer, but later the same day I knew that she has updated her relationship status and it was like a shock to me. That's when I decided that enough is enough. I do love her until today, but I need to move on mate, I was mentally paralysed for a couple of months where I had nothing to think of but her. And now when I am on my feet again I got this email.

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    • Stopped being a part of mate.

      I do wish you good luck moving forward though.

    • Appreciate you reply brother, you definitely felt what i felt otherwise i wouldn't be reading such an understanding reply.
      I have been truthful to her throughout our entire relationship and more.
      I am now mentally prepared to move on.

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  • You should talk to her about it. If she doesn't seem happy something could be very wrong and she sees you as her safe place.

  • Probably as somethings made her miss you so she's checking up on you


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  • Whoa whoa whoa... don't say a word to her just yet. Something doesn't smell right... it smells like attention bait... If I were you, then I would continue no contact... Her emotions are probably running high and this just might be her way of letting you know that her rebound relationship might not be cutting it for her.
    Keep doing what you are doing, mate. I wouldn't speak to her just yet.


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