Reconnected with ex, now what?

I broke up with him only because he got extremely distant.
He told me at the time I loved him more than he loved me.

Cut to a year and a half later... we reconnect and he says he still loves me.
I tell him I still love him and never stopped.

Cue the awkwardness and confusion that ended our relationship in the first place. He doesn't say anything to me... I text him, he writes back but it's not the same... he seems distant again,

I'm totally confused about how to talk to him, and I need your advice on what to say.


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  • Sure, everyone and their mother will say don't bother, but I am a hopeless fighter for love...
    So, as you can tell, he is distant. I can only think of three reasons as to why he is so distant...
    1. He is afraid of reconnecting with the ex girlfriend who abandoned him because he just might have feelings for you that he probably wouldn't want to be seen rejected one again.
    2. He is attempting to move on in an act of self-preservation.
    3. He might be talking or dating another woman, so that could be where his attention is or he might have a busy life.
    You didn't give me too much to go off of, but this is what I think.


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    I would block and let him do him and you do you. It's already a sign that even talking to him is a bad idea.

  • Well the next time you guys have an actual conversation or meet up to catch up again you need to ask him what he wants with you and what he sees in the future because you are confused when he says he loves you, but acts completely distant.

    Before talking to him, you need to decide for yourself firsts what you want between you and him and if whatever you want is truly worth it to you.

    Pa you know you can add updates or just comment on opinions rather than creating new questions every time right?😋

  • prepare the poison and let her have her cake and eat it too


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