Should I get back with my ex-husband?

For those of you who are more experience I need a word of advice please.

I am 20 years old have two kids. I was with my ex for 6years. He is the father of both kids. We've been through tough times but I always tried to do the best for our relationship to workout.

A year ago my mom died and well I was really sad. I went through a lot last year. While I was grieving about my mom passing away I found out my husband cheated on me with my cousins wife.

I knew that I loved him enough to forgive him if one day he ever cheated on me. But I wouldn't forgive that he did it with someone from the family. That is sick and it messed me up. I was hurt so bad that yr. I felt like dying.

So we broke up and he's been helpin me with the kids. Financially and also when I work he babysits. I am going to school and work. The time I have I dedicate it to my kids.

I have love for my ex-husband but I feel like if I ever got back with him I would remember everything all over again.

Any advice pls.
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I also want to know if you think it's the best for my kids instead of being a single mom. people think that family is very important thing. It is but should it be with the father of the kids or with a stepdad.
Should I get back with my ex-husband?
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