Should I get back with my ex-husband?

For those of you who are more experience I need a word of advice please.

I am 20 years old have two kids. I was with my ex for 6years. He is the father of both kids. We've been through tough times but I always tried to do the best for our relationship to workout.

A year ago my mom died and well I was really sad. I went through a lot last year. While I was grieving about my mom passing away I found out my husband cheated on me with my cousins wife.

I knew that I loved him enough to forgive him if one day he ever cheated on me. But I wouldn't forgive that he did it with someone from the family. That is sick and it messed me up. I was hurt so bad that yr. I felt like dying.

So we broke up and he's been helpin me with the kids. Financially and also when I work he babysits. I am going to school and work. The time I have I dedicate it to my kids.

I have love for my ex-husband but I feel like if I ever got back with him I would remember everything all over again.

Any advice pls.
I also want to know if you think it's the best for my kids instead of being a single mom. people think that family is very important thing. It is but should it be with the father of the kids or with a stepdad.


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  • The short answer, is probably not.

    The long answer is that if you're HONESTLY thinking it, and he's HONESTLY thinking it, you should look into couples counseling BEFORE getting back together. Don't just try to jump in and expect things to work... they won't. Especially if, like you said, you'll just remember and hang on to everything that happened.

    All the help he's been giving is most likely because he feels guilty, for one reason or another or another.


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  • You should if you two really want to work this out. You were in the right to divorce him as adultery is grounds for divorce. Overall you need to keep your guard up and set up boundaries with one another. I believe that divorce was not the right move, but the fact that you two should have been separated at best. But yes. You can and you should. He is still trying to be in his kids life. He screwed up. And yes, you will remember the transgressions he did, but you have to forgive him, let go and let him do his job. However you have to learn to trust him, or don't bother. Because in the end your just going to hurt each other.


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  • So wait... you married at 14?
    20 years old and 2 kids already AND divorced already?

    • I wasn't married but we were in a long term relationship for 6yrs. I ended up pregnant and then I had another kid.
      "Married" unofficially

  • I think you need to do what is in the best interest of your kids, that is what is most important


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