I miss him, but it's not right?

So, I recently cut things off with my best friend of 4 years. We had slid into an unhealthy and inappropriate relationship and it was killing me because I had feelings for him but he didn't feel the same way.
Now I feel sort of relieved that I can maybe look for a real partner, and it's taken a lot of pressure off of me. But I miss my best friend. I miss hanging out with him. I miss talking about video games and sharing funny memes. I wonder a lot whether he feels the same way. Whether he looks at the gifts I've bought him and thinks of me or if the friendship was all just one sided too, and whether he will throw them away when he's done using them, like he did with me...
As you can see there's a lot of conflicting emotions going on. I can't seem to decide whether I'm bitter or nostalgic/lonely.
What do I do?
I miss him, but it's not right?
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