I think this is true but I'm not sure..?

-so my ex boyfriend (& bestfriend) is always there for me whenever I have problems with guys. lately I've been getting hurt alot. a lot of people who know me know that I'm very caring & sweet . that's just my nature. so when I go with a guy I give my all hoping they will but end the end I get hurt. ; but long story short one day me & him were conversing & he says "cassy maybe you just give your heart to too many people too easily" . is that bad or good?


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  • your intentions are good, but sometimes you do need to "restrain" from giving some people your all...and this is exactly for the reason you stated yourself: you end up getting hurt. Sometimes its better to just ease back and continue to try and figure out somebody a bit more before you do give them your all. Try to understand (if possible) their intentions, how serious they are and feel about you, whether it seems like theyre giving you their all, etc. I mean you don't need to put up an unpassable wall, but do take the time to kinda guard your heart/look out for yourself.

    • You're right. thank you for reading all that. I know it was alot. I just been thru a lot these past couple of weeks and it reminded me of what he said. it isn't the first time someone has told me that. I need to start being careful. I just don't wanna make the person whoever I'm talking to think I don't want a relationship ya know? I just wanna be careful

    • Ya no problem :)

      i see what your saying that though, about not wanting to give off the wrong msg..but there are ways of showing that your still interested in the person without puttin 100+% of yourself out there

    • That is true:] thankx again

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