Why all of a sudden is he saying its not fair to both of us?

Me and my boyfriend broke up 4 months ago something i didn't see happening and I still see us being together again maybe not today but maybe down the road. Our relationship was great so thats why its confusing. Anyway after the bu he initiated contact with me and for the past 4 months I have still talked to him and we ocassionally had sex together. The other night he asked how i felt about this and if i was ok. I told him the trtuh that i still do and always will have feelings. He is my one that got away. anyway he said he didn't think it was a good idea if i can't sepearte the two which I can to an extent. he texted me last night and just said he didn't think it was right bc i still have the feeligns and its not fair to both of us. How is it not fair to him either? He is getting sex when he wants without me and him together? is he starting to feel soemthing again or why would he say that? and like why wouldn't he just let it go after the bu why did he have to do this and now it went on for 4 months which is horrible. not saying he was the sole person in this but like if u didn't want this he should have stayed away or cut if off sooner if he didn't want me etc.


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  • Maybe he is losing interest


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