Devastated over breakup because of age. Advice please?

Long story short. Dated a guy for 8 months. I'm 42. He's 24. Most amazing time of my life. More mature than anyone I ever dated. I ended the relationship as I'm convinced he wants children. I've have 2 from previous relationship and don't want more at my age. He didn't disagree or try to change my mind so I know he knew our relationship was going absolutely no where. But how do I cope with this loss? Will I ever find anyone who treated me as well as he did! I know I'm going to compare all others to him. Feel stupid feeling like this at my age.
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He is more mature than most guys answering this. He was and still is amazing. I ended it to let him go find himself in life. I would not want to hold him back from meeting someone amazing. And to experience the feeling of being a parent. I know he is as heartbroken as I am. We both have "if onlys". I just wish guys my age were more like him.
Devastated over breakup because of age. Advice please?
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