Devastated over breakup because of age. Advice please?

Long story short. Dated a guy for 8 months. I'm 42. He's 24. Most amazing time of my life. More mature than anyone I ever dated. I ended the relationship as I'm convinced he wants children. I've have 2 from previous relationship and don't want more at my age. He didn't disagree or try to change my mind so I know he knew our relationship was going absolutely no where. But how do I cope with this loss? Will I ever find anyone who treated me as well as he did! I know I'm going to compare all others to him. Feel stupid feeling like this at my age.
He is more mature than most guys answering this. He was and still is amazing. I ended it to let him go find himself in life. I would not want to hold him back from meeting someone amazing. And to experience the feeling of being a parent. I know he is as heartbroken as I am. We both have "if onlys". I just wish guys my age were more like him.


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  • The short answer is: you did it once; you found him. And so you can do it again. You attracted this person into your life. YOU did this. You didn't get lucky, and you don't need to get lucky again.

    I would focus on what you want, really want. What have you learned from this relationship? Do you want another young man? Do you want an older man with similar positive traits? Just take your time and focus on the attributes you want in your next mate, and he will find you.

    I hope this gives you a little perspective.
    Good luck. Love on :-)


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  • Maybe it's because you were immature, and he felt that he was dating his daughter.

    Some old men date younger women to feel young.

    However for some they're to indecisive on if they should a girl that's fun and outgoing, or find a mature women that they can communicate better with!

    I would suggest date a person that's your age.

    You probably just graduated from college, and you're now learning how to be mature young adult; that need to pay rent, so date a men whose like at an age range of 24-27, that have their goals and priorities straight, and already payed their college fees, and bills!

    Some people at the age of 40-70 are too indecisive on what females do they want.


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  • It's okay to feel this way. Give it time, time heals all wounds. For the meantime, distract yourself with work or children or activities.

    I actually just checked out a Filipino film with English substitute last night called "Love Me Tomorrow", exactly the same story line as yours. Woman was older and all that if you wanna check it out.

  • at 22 he wanted a kid?
    r u sure he didn't want just a sugar mommy? and to have kid from u, so u can pay him aliments?
    i think u should take off pink glasses and answer "why would 22 yo boy want a kid from woman ur age..."

    • To be fair! I look younger and he looks older! We didn't realise each other's age when we met. Both our sets of friends said we were well suited! And no!! He did not want a kid. But I know I'm the future he would. Absolutely no need for ignorance. Don't judge if you haven't experienced this type of relationship.

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    • @Regulatus
      He looks the same age as me! I didn't go looking for him!!! And yes whilst I'd love to meet someone my own age with his qualities they seam to be extinct!! And don't knock the chance of dating an older woman. You might just fall in love with her!

    • I think you're deluding yourself that you and a 24-year-old look the same age.

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