Can't get my ex off my brain?

Please give me your advice! Had an amazing relationship with my ex for 2 years. Although we did argue a lot. Both had Fiery personalities. He refused to give me a house key (I know red flag) but agreed that we would buy a house together. Long story short. He broke up with me. Completely broke my heart. Told me he was unsure that we had a future but Insisted that I was the love of his life and wanted to be with me? Kept me on the bench. We were on&off. He ended it 3 times in total. (Don't laugh) third time was too much for me so I cut contact. It's been 3 months. Haven't heard from him since. He's obviously moved on but I can't forget him and It still gets to me that he never bothered to fight for me! Help! Why am I still here?
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Any advise please? Particularly from guys as keen to know from a mans point of view
Can't get my ex off my brain?
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