Will he do the same thing to me?

So i was engaged and met a guy who was in a long term relationship about 2 years ago and we've been best friends since. I ended my relationship and after he ended his ( a month ago) he owns a house so there's more to his split than mine and they still are residing together until they figure out the plan of what to do with the house and that's fine with me. My mom keeps saying if he will do it with me he will do it to me. In my eyes I think there's gotta be a strong connection for him to leave the life he's built and all to be with me after my relationship ends.. Am I right or is my mother? Anyone have experience with this?


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  • Do not dream that big, sometimes the reality isn't that nice.

  • In a case like this I agree with your mom. If he will cheat to be with you , he will cheat to be with the next one too


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