Why are my feelings on and off towards my ex girlfriend?

So, my ex girlfriend broke up with me about 5 or 6 months ago because things weren't working out (it was a LDR). But said she would still talk to me and came up with the idea of being freinds. I last texted her July 22nd, she didn't reply back so i let her be and lost my feelings for her. She texted me two weeks ago saying her phone got taken (her parents are strict, take her phone alot) and that she would talk to me as soon as she can. She did text me today saying she still is grounding lol. But, ever since her last text from 2 weeks ago, my feelings for her are on and off. I don't understand why? Like, 1 min I'll start missing her and old memories will flood through my mind and the next min, feelings gone. Why is that?


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  • ... She texted me two weeks ago...
    It's Obvious that as long as She is Keeping in Contact with you, no Matter when here, dear, you will Not totally Move on, you Will Still have these Feelings That... 'Will flood through my mind' every time.
    You have Two choices, if you Feel the Deal is Going to Hurt your Heart and Tear you Apart. You can either Keep it Light and Semi Sweet, Accept things for What they are, Living Afar, or just Put Her and Her memories on a Back Burner and Close the Closure Closet and Get on with your own Life, by Not Keeping in Touch with her.
    It's not Doing you any Good by Wishful Thinking Nor Over Thinking every Time she Floats Around from out of Town. You know her Situation, her Scenario, and it Won't go Away any Day.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think because you still care about her. Im kind of in the same position except we've been broken up for about 3 months. I miss him so much and part of me wants me to message him and ask to hang out. But another part of me says that he hurt me too much and I have to move on.
    I think you just have to take it day by day. I dont think you've lost feelings for her. I think you've just learned to get on with life a little better. Do you want to be together with her again?

    • I wish I couldd, I don't know about her though. Sorry about your situation :(

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    • Thats ok. How long were you guys together?

    • Like a month or less I think, I don't really remember.

  • Well clearly the feelings haven't gone to come back so easily...


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