Girl broke up out of the blue with me, Pulled a 180 In a matter of Hours, Even her best friend is shocked. Any thoughts?

Well I have been seeing this girl for over 3 months, She was the one to do all the pursing in the relationship. Right from the beginning. Days before She broke things off she was sending me things like: “I wish you were here, I am in a cuddly mood” ”I feel like haven’t seen you in days and I just saw you yesterday” (after that she made plans to go to my house to cuddle and watch movies). Well she broke things off in text. She texted me in the morning like normal, she was say she was pumped for our plans. Then out of the blue she broke up saying She wants to be alone right now. That she has a lot of things going on right now. That she has been trying the relationship thing, but it is putting more stress on her then she wants. really didn’t want to feel this way, she was trying forcing it and fool herself, but it wasn’t working and more.

I have been dumped many times, even for the same "not ready for a relationship" bull, even been in the other end of things with trying to make it work then dumping someone. There is definitely signs like that. You definitely don't start conversions every day with them or make plans to come over to Cuddle. You would stay away from making future plans with them, not make a bunch. You don’t spend a whole weekend with them and stay in bed with them till 5pm and brag about it to people. You don’t drop everything to spend time with them or give them long hugs where you just hold them. Things like holding my hand around Portland, then for the whole drive back wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t think you would be all playful, by sticking your tongue out at them with a little smirk. You would not say that It feels like I haven't seen you in days, but I just saw you yesterday line. Why would you miss me? It is just so strange of how things went down with her. None of it seemed like she was forcing and trying to fool herself with things between us, like she said. It would clearly show that she was. She wouldn’t be chasing so hard like she was either.

That week before she broke things off she was showing more emotion than ever she has. She has never said she was missing me or wish I was there to cuddle with her. When I told her about the lawn mower blowing up and shooting the blade out at me. She was all worried and wanted to cheer me up. She even made the joke she didn’t want to be dating an old guy with missing toes. She likes her old guy intact and wouldn’t want to hold me up the whole time. I am 26 she is 23
Maybe she freaked because things were going so well or she thought I was too nice of a person for her. Maybe she realized she had strong feelings for me, got scared and freaked out thinking she wasn’t ready. Which my friend Bri said she did with her relationship, but stuck with it. I don't know It really seem to me I made her happy and she really liked me, by the way she was around me. Though I could have been blind to it, not being a 3rd party to it.


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  • Hmm seems like she did freak out. I think what she did was just an impulse move that no one could really find a reason why she even did it.

    It wouldn't surprise me if she contacted you and apologised that she freaked out though. But for now it's something that she knows the reason to

    • Yeah, I was thinking she could. Not counting on it. I talked to her best friend (my brother GF) and she said she hasn't talked about it to any of her few friends she has. She can't get anything out of her other then some cliche lines like there was no chemistry or things like that. Which she knows is BS. Her friend definitely thinks there is more to it and she knows her better then anyone. they see each other every day and work together.

      She also told me She sees it as a big loss to her. I was treating her better then anyone else has ever had and had a lot to offer to her. She hopes she comes around. She said it wouldn't hurt to reach out in a few more weeks too.

      Her friend also said "Maybe it's just me but whenever I've done the dumping at least there's been warning signs haha.. You at least get a little standoff-ish or slowly stop spending time with that person but this wasn't the case at all haha so it was really out of the blue"

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    • Hmm makes sense that she was waiting it out for her feelings to become stronger. But really, you'd know that on the first or second date you guys have had. Feelings I'll become much stronger with more time together. The more you both understand each other the more things would of been different.
      Maybe she wasn't emotionally stable at that time, she was not interested in a relationship, but she liked the way you have made her felt

    • Yeah that is what I think, feelings get figured out within the first 5 dates or so. Not after 40 or so. We were spending a lot of time together, which you could tell her feelings were getting stronger. We spent that whole weekend together, bumped into each on at the store on Monday. Then later that night she was wishing I was there to cuddle, and said tomorrow we were going too. That next day she was all like "It feels like haven't seen you in days, but I just saw you yesterday" . Why would you say that if you were waiting things out? Why would you miss me? Then later that day she made plans to come over and cuddle. Which she did. She ended up burying her head into my chest then falling asleep in my arms. Then when she left she give me the longest hug, just holding me for a while resting her head on me. Then kissed me a bunch of times and left. Then when she got home got texting me again. She was always pursing me. Why would you be like that if you were waiting out your feelings?

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  • the ex of my boyfriend did it after six years of commitment to them as a couple. She has some warning signs here and there and she lost us as friends and crushed him for good. Just leave her be, she has proven to be a liar, not right in the head and not Worth your time

    • There was no warning signs. Even 3rd parties said there wasn't. 3 days before she was like " it feels I haven't seen you in days, but i just saw yesterday" "I wish you were here to cuddle" Then made the plans to do so at my house, which afterward she hugged me a very long time and kissed me a bunch. Saying she wish she didn't have to go. She texted me first every morning and tried to keep conversions going, till she broke up. Hell she was joking around that morning about the plans we had.

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    • She won't even talk about it to her best friends. It is weird and strange to every one. Not to mention she hasn't given me any of my stuff back that is sitting in her room. All she has to do is give it to her best friend that is dating my brother, so easy.

    • dunno what else to say then

  • You could spend weeks try to figure out what was going through her head and never understand it, best to just move on and find another girl she made her choice


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