What to do about an ex who is bent on making your life miserable?

To make this story as concise as possible, he broke up with me almost a 1 yr in a half ago. I got tired of the breaking up and making up only to realize the same problems were still there. Six to seven months after, he got married. I don't nor did I ever bother him at the break up. Nevertheless my ex who is 34 tries to make my life miserable. He keeps trying to drag me in court regarding custody, lies and makes accusations to CPS. Just recent we had a hearing where the court gave me child support and the primary conservator. Not too long after that he tried to start more mess up. The thing is that although the court has issues an order, he refuses to sign and has not paid a penny of child support. I am sick to death of him and don't know what to do. He was the one who broke up with me and even before we went back to court he was still trying to cause problems. I caught him and his mom riding by my apartment at night time. I just so happened to go down stairs to take out trash and they were in the parking lot spying on me. I am 28 years old and will be 29 soon. Why is my ex bent on causing destruction and drama?

Another thing is that in the court room, when the judge gave the order he got p*ssed and ran out the courtroom screaming expletives. His wife, who I just met for the 1st time acts mad at me when I have never has any interaction with her. Unfortunately my son, who is 5, is in the middle of all of this and when he goes to dad's house he does nothing but indoctrinate him. Please help me!


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  • Cut him off your life. The more you entertain him and give him the time of day, the more power you are giving him to feed your life with negativity.

    • can't cut him completely because we have a child together.

    • Do you really want your child to be around such man?

    • I dont but its very hard to get sole custody in the court system, especially when he says he wants to be in his life.

  • Get a restraining order against him


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