Why does my ex and his sister check my social media?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago and I was so angry that I just took him and his sister off of all social media. But on Instagram he and his sister constantly look at my story and his sister likes my pictures when I post. I just find this really odd and was wondering why do you think they do that? Especially the sister


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  • They might be checking it to keep tabs on what you're doing but also who you're hanging with and if you've gotten with anyone new yet.
    His sister may be liking your stuff to frustrate you possibly? she could be angry that you took her off of your account. Or if you had a good relationship just a way of saying 'I'm still here' kind of thing.

    • Possibly but I recently took them off so I don't think she even realizes!

    • Oh I see! ok then well if that's the case I'd say she probably likes you as a friend still. u know u wouldn't like anything of someone who I dislike!

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  • Because she probably likes you as person and he still probably likes you.


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