Will my ex ever stop ignoring me?

We dated for three years and she THINKS I had an affair with a girl at work because she saw a flirtatious text message on my phone. The truth is it was pretty much a joke. We have had our problems but this was the "straw that broke the camels back". When she tried to talk to me about it I just left because I didn't want to suffer the pain of her "interrogation". She says my leaving and not talking about it was an admission of guilt. It's been two months now and she used to respond to my texts saying "it's over, move on". Now she won't respond at all. The last text I received from her was she hates me for what I did and said she is starting to see other people. I know she said that so I will leave her alone. Any advice from women will be appreciated.


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  • You don't say what you want from her. Do you just want her to acknowledge you or do you want more from her?

    For a second just reverse the situation and ask yourself an honest question - if she had received a sexy text message from someone you didn't know how would you have felt about it and taken it? Would you have wanted her to explain it to you? If you asked her about it and she got angry and walked away from you what would you have thought? How could you/would you have responded to that?

    She may have been wrong doubting you but you sort of shut the door on her feelings too. Trust me I'm no expert in relationships but it seems to me that you two were slightly miss-communicating before you split up and the current situation is just an extension to this.

    The way it stands now I think she will probably carry on ignoring you unless you do something pretty radical. Why do you want to speak to her? If you want her back than go and see her and don't rely on text messages - take a chance and tell her how you feel - at this point you have nothing to loose - see what her reaction is. If you don't want her back then you may as well just leave it be and move on as she suggests. Good luck what ever way you choose...


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  • Nothing like a woman scorned! I don't know if this can be fixed. You said that this was the straw that broke the camels back, was any of the problems that the two of you already had involve another affair or another woman?

    • She has trust issues due to previous marraige so that probably didn't help anything. Of course we had other smaller issues but they can always be worked out. My only hope is that she is so angry right now I'm hoping when she calms down some she will open up but it's been two months now so I'm losing hope.

  • I kind of get the feeling that she is using this as an excuse to break it off with you. If she really wanted to be w/you she would at least listen to what you have to say and give you a chance. Sounds like there are other issues going on here--and that this is her excuse for ending it. She did say this was the straw that broke the camels back...so it wasn't just this issue. Also, by not talking to you, she can make you feel all the guilt & not have to hear that maybe you really didn't cheat on her. Its easier that way to end it.


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  • I got dumped a few months ago because my ex is a shallow whore and she's ignored me ever since.. even though I did nothing wrong. All this ignoring me has in fact completely pushed me away and I'd tell her to go throw herself in a wood chipper if she tried coming back now. I was gonna marry this girl.. she was the love of my life. All I can suggest to you is, go get someone else, someone better.. She will come back


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