I left her for another woman but now?

I want her back.

I treated my ex terribly. Never fully committed to her and took advantage. I broke her heart when I left her for an ex but I'm realizing it's a huge mistake. Let's call her Julie.. Julie always has my back. If I were her, I'd hate me, but she doesn't. I called her the other day after going NC for a month and I vented to her about life. I told her about a debt I owe and how I may not go to school this semester. She called back the next day and said "I still care for u, don't want u not in school, I will loan u x amount of money and pay me back when u can." she's so amazing. She has my back more than my own family. It got me thinking about when I was depressed and she use to be there when no one else was. It made me feel so guilty and is making me realize I made a mistake. Julie was just too good for me. Too smart, too pretty, too caring etc. I left her for an ex that's less attractive, doesn't care about me etc. I'm realizing I was just scared to be with Julie so I treated her like crap. She told me she doesn't hate me, but we'll never he friends because I hurt her too much (I did). I text her every other day, and she takes lonnnnng to reply and seems indifferent. I could tell she's moved on. I'd give anything to start over with her but I don't know. Everytime im around my girlfriend, I just think of Julie. I have changed my player/asshole ways.. What are some ways I can show her that? Anybody ever took an ex back that treated them horribly?


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  • Normally I lead with, leave her alone.. she's moved on from you, and you really hurt her, so respect her feelings and let her go. It's hard to forget those things even if you still care for someone. But to help you in case there might be a chance, build yourself back up first and give her a reason to think that you're actually worth the time now. You also need to break up with your girlfriend if you don't want to be with her because that's not fair to her either. Take some time and work on yourself first. Go to school, figure your shit out, then come back and be like "this is the man I am now, I've changed, and a lot of it was thanks to you. If you would be open to it, please let me show you how I should have treated you when we were together." Or something like that. But right now you're not at the point where you can even offer her anything for her to want to take you back for.

    • Good advice! However, I want to be with her right now lol. I've already changed

    • doesn't sound like it, especially since you're still dating someone else lol.

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  • It's difficult to prove you've changed to someone. The only way she'd know you'd changed is if she gives you a second chance. It's convincing her to give you a second chance that's the challenge.

    You obviously destroyed her emotionally. She's regained her strength and moved on , so why would she go back to the one person who
    " knocked her down " It's virtually impossible to trust someone a second time.

  • i have been on both ends of that situation, both turned out terribly.
    u can see if she is willing to take u back. tell her how u feel. apologize to her, show her that you have changed and hope for the best.

    • I've already apologized months ago. She doesn't believe I love her so telling her how I feel won't help. Ughh I really messed up.

    • then she might not b willing to put herself into that situation again. u may have just messed it up. im sorry :(

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