My boyfriend is stressed and questioning our relationship?

so about a year ago I started talking to a guy, I have. 6 year old daughter and we kept things pretty casual for a while after about 4 months we started dating officially - 6 months I introduced him to my daughter 8 months we ended up moving in together - wich yes all happened very quick. I expressed to him numerous times how complicated things can get when there's a kid involved now we find ourselves living together in the middle a a very ugly custody battle between me and my ex - we've been seeing each other for a year and he's freaking out. We've talked and basically he's stressed and scared he's never been in a relationship this long and he himself thinks he has commitment issues. He's pulling away and he has doubts about if we can actually make this work long term. He says even if we can't make it work in a relationship she still wants me and my daughter in his life and I don't know how to help him work through these feelings. I do honestly believe he cares about us and wants to be with us but I think the stress and his own fears are getting the better of him and he's pulling away. These are his own emotions and he's said himself nothing I've done has caused these feelings so there's nothing to "fix" persay - Id love to hear some advice on how I can support him through these feelings to give our relationship the best chance because this is an extremely stressful situation and I can totally understand these feelings and think they're totally normal


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  • He's very overwhelmed and load stressed with the whole concept. Doesn't quite understand the scope of the situation and how this finally irons out. I think he wishes to bystand instead , to see how it all comes out in a wash , so that he doesn't become involved with the accual father.

    • He fully understands the scope of the situation and there's no need to be involved for him to be involved with my child's father- I have a PFA I'm not even involved. I don't believe he wants to stand on the sidelines and watch in face the exact opposite regardless of how this pans out he says he wants to remain in our lives and is even willing to move out of his own apt so I don't have to move my daughter again. He is worried our relationship won't withstand the stress bc with stress comes fights. I'm more or less hoping for advice on how I can give him space and help relive his stress from the situation

  • Taking on a single mother and her thug-spawn is never wise or easy for a man. Obviously he was a beta who has seen the error of his ways and is slowly freeing himself from the lure of your vagina. Good for him!


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