How do I not get jealous when my ex gets in a relationship?

I have gotten over her, but i get jealous when she talks about boys (we are still friends) so i may get really jalous if she gets in a relationship, how do i not?


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  • I couldn't remain friends with a guy I still cared about. It'd be so painful seeing someone you love... loving someone else

    You'd need to try to suppress your fermigs , but that's not easy to do.

    I guess in the end you have to decide which is more painful... cutting all contact with her and not having her part of your life , or having her in your life , knowing all you will ever be is just friends

    • i can't loose her

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    • Its such a difficult decision , but it seems not having her in your life would hurt you the most. I hope it all works out for you

    • you're welcome... and thanks

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  • Well only you can control your own emotions and the fact you still feel get jealous means you haven't gotten over her. You haven't moved on yet.

  • Then you still have feelings for her

    • i admit, i still love her, she is my friend i dont wanna loose her. But i still love her... what should i do?

    • Best thing to do, I think is to tell her this and get it off your chest so you can breathe. Then from there you'll feel better, more able to move on

    • can me and her still be friends?
      i have already told her
      and it was a long distance relationship so we won't get back together.

  • You still have feelings...

    You need to walk away from her...

    • she is my friend, i dont want to loose her as a friend. But i admit, i still love her

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    • You need some time apart then...

      Tell her that you need some time... but want to try to be friends in the future...

    • thank you

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