Am I wrong to miss and pray for my ex to return?

I was with a guy who became like a boyfriend to me for two years. We were friends with benefits but deep down it felt like more. I miss him. He ended it of February of this year because he wanted to date new people and I recently about a month ago saw him at Starbucks with someone new.

I was good to him. Gave him back rubs when we hung out, out sex life was great.. I told him I loved him. I tried to help him become a better person and I should be hating him but all I do is miss him and our times together. I know he's not good for me but I saw lots of potential in him and I miss him.

Will he regret losing me? And I don't know what to do in this period of singleness I miss him.


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  • I know it hurts but one of the fundamentals of life is that people change. they really do and we act like we don't. We promise to be together forever etc etc but the reality is that sometimes we stop being a good match.

    You submit evidence for why he should be with you as in you gave him back rubs etc. However, you have no idea what he really wants and what's going on inside his head. None of us do and again, we act a lot of times like we know.

    All we can do, and what we should do, is love each other to the max and focus on the good sides. Did you give him back rubs because you really wanted to, or because you wanted to put "money in the bank"? Many times we treat relationships as kind of a bank account when in reality, there are only your feelings and how you express them.

    He seems to be moving on, or has already. There's nothing to do about it except try to bless him. After all, you do want him to be happy right?

    I hope this helps and makes a little sense.
    Best of luck. Let the healing begin :-)

  • no your not wrong, and dont worry you will move on as time goes by, time will heal you, dont worry


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