How can something so great just stop bc your bf/gf was going through something. Ever get them back?

Things were going great in our relationship. We connected on every level, got along great, met each others families and everything else. Everyone saw us happy and thought this was great. He fell into stress from no work and closed off. He never wanted to do anything with anyone and after almost a month of it he asked to talk and said his feelings were not what he thought they should have been by that time etc He broke up with me. It still boggles my mind that how everything could be so great before and go from one day loving each other to the next day nothing. We have not been together for 4 months alreayd but since the bu we still contacted each other and had sex few times. I do still have feelings and want it back because I felt like there was something good, something worth fighting for. Anyway we talked the other day about what we were doing and he did not think it was a good idea if i still had all these feelings and said it was not fair to both of us. Why all of a sudden is he thinking its not fair to both of us when we have been doing that for awhile now? Has anyone ever experienced something so great in a relationship and then broken up because of something going on, did you ever get back together? did you ever express how you felt and how long were you not together before you got back with each other?


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  • They could have lost interest


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