I'm hopelessly lost in break up depression?

umm.. hi. so. I'm Shane. I'm from Ireland. good to met ya'. I met a girl in march on g+. Amy. from the Netherlands. beautiful sweet and kind etc... we dated for months. she cheated. I forgave her. as it turns out this wasn't the "pressured to send a tit pic" she said at first but the guy got a collection of nudes. then three months later she cheated. I forgave her. he was 21 and she was 12. she told me she didn't love me and we became friends with benefits. this didn't work out because she kept baiting me with love etc... then she got angry at her home life, blamed me and blocked me. I tried EVERYTHING to get her back. I even threatened to send people her nudes. she came back, realised I couldnt after a few days then left forever. this was the start of July. I fell into a deep depression that I'm still in. I don't want to live in this world. I got another girlfriend, this one in America. I like her but I'd still go back to Amy, and disgustingly still message her, to at least talk to me. im suicidal and convinced I'm worthless. Amy has a screwed up life at home. I wanted to help make her happy. and I'm the villain? I'm unable to talk to girls in real life. I have aspergers. I'm a nerd and not very attractive, and there's nobody to meet here anyway.
I'm hopelessly lost in break up depression?
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