How long does it take for someone to realize what they lost or miss, and will he ever come back ( a bit long)?

I have heard that most of the times when someone breaks up with another at some point they realize they miss the other person or messed up. How long does it take or can it depend on the person? We dated for only 3 months but it was an amazing time. We really connected and he was my one. Someone whom I saw myself growing with over the years. It doesn't happen very often you meet that person but i did. Everyone saw us how happy we were and how great things were too. We met families and it was just great until he fell stressed from not working and closed off. After he told me he was not feeling what he thought he should by that time and didn't know if he could ever. He never even talked to me about ti before anything something that he said hed do. Talk about what he is feeling and work through things. He never did. we broke up but he contacted first after. We texted and a few times had sex. Fl;ash forward to today 4 months after the bu and we still continued to have sex. not everyday or week but a few times. I know something is there still. Like i get the feeling because his actions and words dont really match up to me. he says things to make me wonder and then acts a certain way or says something and acts a different way. Well we talked and he said it prob was not a good idea anymore considering if i still had feelings and it was not fair to either of us. I had not talked to him in 4 days as he went on vacation. Posted pics on snap and instagram, sometimes pics of things that seem like theyd pertain to me but I don't know. Anyway could there be a possiblity of us again. How long does it take for someone to realize what they lost? he was happy and loving before this all happened and all of a sudden a change. It just doesn't make sense. I might ask to talk and just tell him everything i am feeling and that be it and up to him


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  • I know it's driving you mad and it feels kind of like being yanked out of a nice cozy dream and thrown onto a hot frying pan...

    I know your mind wants to find a solution but there really is nothing you can do. He may come back and he may not. The only thing you can do is work on your mind. You must find peace within yourself.

    How can he take you back when you're so insecure? Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. Would you want someone who is devastated without you? You wouldn't, not really. You'd want somebody who really enjoys you but who is also fine without you.

    And really, do you want somebody that doesn't truly want you? I don't think so. You really want someone who WANTS you, right?

    Well, right now, that's not him. If it were, he's be kissing you right now.

    So just let him go and focus on yourself for a while. He will be back if he feels the urge. I'm not saying don't tell him your feelings etc, but really, he knows. Just breathe and learn to control your mind. Eventually, you'll get better and you will find someone new, or he will come back.

    Good luck.


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  • Usually when the other person is needed and they realize they are not in the picture- thats really when.


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