What do you do when this happens?

what do you do when this happens-

1-u find out that your guy is cheating on you ,then you break up

2-your friends aren't anywhere when you need them

3-your parents expect so much that you can't do it at all

4-your high school sucks

5-u wanna have sex but are waiting to be 18

6-life seems so boring


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  • 1) Nothing

    2) Find new friends, or stop whining and open your eyes to see they have their own problems to deal with. Maybe you should try being their for others instead of being so self-obsessed.

    3) Do what you can. Live for yourself. You don't need to impress anyone including your parents.

    4) Nothing.

    5) If you want to f*ck then do it.

    6) Make sure you get at least 10 hours of sleep a day. Life is boring, true, but dreams are kickass. I get 10~14 hours of sleep a day and the dreams I can have in that time are what keep me going.

    Cheer up stupid emo kid. :D

    Other people have it worse.


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  • thast life, you do relise their are starving people in africa and sober kids in india...

  • get pregnant...

    • Is your mnd alright?i don't think so.

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  • I believe you should try to find some one to talk to. And if you are a christian, then you should go to god in prayer...but forgive me if you're not a christian.

    • I m not a christian and my mum isn't interested in what happens in my life.

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