She gave her number to this douche guy rate in front of me?

I've like her for sometime and known her for a while from the local pub , this August things have been a bit more difficult and she seemed upset at me for some reason so we haven't talked as much. I saw her last night and things seemed ok but was this guy around who was showing some interest in her , I never really seen him talk to her before although I've seen him at that pub many times before , I don't really like him at all and find him to be very rough and somewhat of a dick.
at some point they were talking and I looked over and noticed them and that they were exchanging phone # . she's going back to school to finish a course she is taking this week anyways so I highly doubt its going to lead to anything but it still bothers me that she'd do this rate in front of me.

I'd have a hard time just forgetting about her at this point as I've known her for so long? but I don't feel like I should say anything to her about this , I just don't want her to find out the hard way how much of a dick he is


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  • I'd advise you to not say anything to her about this guy. Just because you 'find him to be very rough and somewhat of a dick' doesn't mean that's how he is to everyone. Not only that, but some people like their guys to be like that.

    It's very unlikely that she'll heed your 'warning' and you'll just come off looking a bit desperate. Just leave them be.

    • I've had a couple run ins with him and one of his guys friends before at that same pub , there very rude and ignorant people. there was another girl I had been trying to date and the things his friend did to me at that time were extremely rude and hurtful , so I really don't like them at all. he also dated one of the girls that worked there before but it was just a rebound for her and didn't last long , she's friends with this girl so maybe she though it be a good idea if they meet I don't know

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    • I wasn't planning on warning her , I don't really know of anything bad he's done to a women. him and his friend treated me very badly but that was a different situation. he dated that other server for a short time but it didn't really go anywhere and was just her rebound from what I know but I don't know of anything bad that happened between them

    • Maybe the server did something bad to him. Maybe they never had plans to go long-term and agreed they'd have nothing more than a fling or ONS.

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  • Maybe she found your grammar unattractive.


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  • How many dates did you go on with her?


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