Ladies! How to Get her back?

Around April I broke things off with a girl I met online
we had an LDR

I broke things off due to my depression, and because I felt that the distance between us and her religious upbringing (Muslim)

would prevent us us from ever actually being together

she did not take it well at all
and convinced herself that she hated me.
how do you think I should approach reconnecting with her?

even just as a friend? I just miss talking to her. She was a really great friend before everything else


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  • Eh no point, you hurt her and I doubt she'll be interested in reconnecting. Just move on.

    • I guess you are right

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  • If all you are interested in is being friends with her again, I am afraid that won't happen. You cannot go back to how things were before you were in a relationship just like that.

    The best you can do is to shoot her a short message asking how her life is going. Don't write a huge message explaining you miss her, that will scare her off for sure. Just a simple, short message allows her to decide whether she wants to talk with you. If she does not reply, you have to accept that that is her choice. If you continue messaging her after that, it will seem very pushy of you.

    • If a guy broke things off with me and cut off contact, I would just be pissed off at him randomly popping up and being all like "hi wyd lol".
      Sure, he shouldn't write a wall of text, but I do think he should give her a bit more context than just "hi, how's your life" if he absolutely has to contact her. More something along the lines of "hi, how are you? I really regret how things ended. I hope you're ok. I would like it if maybe we could start talking again."

    • @lumos You are absolutely right. Obviously, he should never write that thing will all the abbreviation , but like you said, more context is much better.

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