Moved too close to an ex?

My ex broke up with me after a year and a half. We were long distance for the second half of our relationship. She dumped me. We talked a lot after the breakup for the first 3 months like we were still dating. Over time we slowly talked less and less but still did a couple times a week. She wanted to stay friends.

I found myself getting a new job in her city. I found an awesome place to live, but it is super close to her. We talked for two hours about the move. She told me she was uncomfortable with it but seemed like it would pass after a while. We don't talk anymore and she said she would reach out to me, since she needs time.

Is it that bad moving 5 minutes from an ex? Guys and girls can answer. She obviously doesn't like me, but why does she not want to talk or be friends anymore?
Moved too close to an ex?
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