Is it ok to sleep with an ex if you're both not seeing anyone?

Also since we broke up he moved to the flat upstairs and still had my body cream by his bath, like he expected to see me again. He kept mentioning things about our past, like do I still cook this meal I made him, and he got up and made me toast and tea like he used to, and more things like that. He said he hasn't been seeing anyone & didn't really want to know if I'd been with anyone, but was curious. He gave me the backpack I bought him to take home and put my laptop in. He said it's a good excuse to see me again.

He mentioned that it's strange but so familiar, and this might mess with our heads, but we can worry about it later. He obviously told his friend I was seeing him, because he showed me a text his friend sent saying me & my ex should meet him at this festival locally.

We're both mature enough. 28 &32 years old, but I'm not sure where we will go from here. We split up amicably. He's asked me twice to meet him, and I finally did, but we didn't speak about our feelings. He's worried about getting old, but I know that he's not a relationship kind of guy. Not a player, but likes his personal space. When we hooked up, he held me all night, but I think that a future with us is doomed, and things could get messy.
Is it ok to sleep with an ex if you're both not seeing anyone?
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