How do I get over him?

he's broken my heart, called me names, made me cry, told me to get a life, and he now has a girlfriend... i need to let go but i don't know how... any advice on how i can do that?


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  • 1) put him on the floor
    2) get over him
    3) it's done
    thank me

    • i can't exactly do that cuz he moved away

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    • Oh I see, thanks for telling.

    • no problem

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  • i thinks he a coward for doing that , that shows that he not a good person.
    move on , make sure you love yourself before others. your beautiful remember that , i always tell that to every girl !
    do something that make you will happy , do workouts , meet new guys , take a adventure , if comes back think what he did to you , and see if it potential to go back or not. i honestly give one chance to a guy now bc there going to make it worse and worse. unless they give you a real apology and explain why.

    • Yep when men, boys mess up they need to own up to it. Apologize sincerely and try to it up to you.

    • @Eltri123 you know im here for ya ! if you need anything

    • @mimiblondychick Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

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  • Work on yourself try new things. Keep your mind busy you'll heal eventually especially if he has someone new.

  • You will hate him in a few days, he was mean to you so just project hate on him. You will probably do this already... And eventually you will laugh about it

  • find another guy like me 😂😂😂😝😪


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  • There's no remedy for a broken heart. It takes times to heal from a breakup. Time doesn't heal the pain. It's what you do with your time that heals it. People tend to keep their pain raw, because they reminisce and constantly think about what ", was" and what "could have been "

    Try to keep active and every time your mind starts to dwell on the breakup and him try to focus your attention on other things. Gradually your feelings will fade and your pain will ease, but for now all you can do is go along with your emotions. Cry if you need to , talk about your feelings to someone you trust.

    You're holding onto a someone who has let you go. So don't contact him again. Remove any traces of him from your life

    The one thing I've learnt in life is... hearts do heal and they do love again.


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