One last letter?

As you guys already know my ex has been trying to contact me for about two weeks now... I've reached a point where I'm starting to feel like myself again and now he's messing with my feelings. Im starting to feel the urge to respond to him now... I don't know I've been so strong lately yet in the beginning of the breakup i was a total mess. But who isn't? I've had many crying sessions and watched way too many sad movies. He's only apologizing because he wants to feel better about himself, i don't think he really cares about me or ever did. So it didn't work out with his new girl, the one he cheated on me with and now he's apologizing and he's on tinder now! Come on.

Though one of my gas thinks i should write him a letter and express everything that I'm feeling... and express how I'm feeling forwards him, the pain i experienced and what not... and then move on. She thinks i need to clear things up. But in a way she's the only girlfriend who thinks i should do that. Everyone in my life says to continue to focus on me and not give in. Its been 3months without contact on my part and like i said i feel fine now... I'm starting to go out with friends now and want to socialize again. I don't know what i would say or how i would start a letter. Im scared of going back to that dark place i was 3 months ago... it was a bad place. It was very painful physically and mentally straining. Do you guys think if i wrote one last goodbye letter it will drag me back to square 1... instead of moving on forward? Do you think by writing him a letter i will hurt myself once again... or should i continue to do me, focus on my life and learn to let go pain slowing on my own?


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  • Move forward. Don't look back. This selfish guy will pour out buckets of guilt on you.
    You need to sink memories of this guy into the deepest part of the ocean and don't you ever return to go fishing.

    • I absolutely love this!

    • You can think of it this way, too. The instant he decided to cheat he became toxic waste and you forever need to treat him as such.

    • Oh wow, i like the way you think.

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  • mm it is a hard decision... but i always go with confessing all my feelings and let things end in a clear way... i have done this many times before, i just can't move on without doing that,, i give reasons and pore my heart out,,, but the outcome is not always granted... in the course of writing you will feel sad and emotional, but then you will feel released, but it highly depends on his response, what if he said sorry and that he is willing to change? are u going to give him a chance?,.. i just hope he will never respond,,, just then you will feel released, and that he doesn't really want to change or make any effort... for example i will show you my last question, i did just like you, and his response was so strange,,, please tell me what u think,, and try to relate on your problem

    • I've thought about for a bit now and I've decided to just leave it alone. Erase him from my past. Its not healthy... do i really want to hear lies come out of his mouth? Do i wanna go through it all over again once more? The answer is no... still hurts to think he cheated and everything he put me through. Im finally feeling alive again... i want so much for my life, i want so many things, trust and love are one of the many things i desire. I don't think i can ever get past it and give him another chance because on the back of my mind ill always remember the betrayal.

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  • 1Send him a four word goodbye note, so he knows you don't attach importance to him... Don't listen to the girlfriend who wants you o write some long love letter!!

    . THAT is the message to send. Don't even THINK about going out with him or anything similar.

  • Ask your parents. I'm sure they been through something similar.


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  • I think you should just let it go


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