I think I know what I want to do but am I right or over reacting?

I think I want to break up with my boyfriend but not 100% sure. want unbiased reassurance:

okay 1st we NEVER spend time alone. he lives with lodger & brother. I get this but we could go to bedroom or out but he just wants to sit in front room with them & other friends. the lodger is out 3 nights a week and his brother works lates 2/3 days a week. perfect time for us to but he will invite someone round. there is also a friend that stays most nights for no reason and is always with us and I mean always he even comes to bf's mum's with us. this friend just wants to smoke all day and gets in bad moods and doesn't get up to go to work which makes me not want to go round my own boyfriend's house.
2nd he smokes a serious amount of weed. and never has any money. it comes before everything. food/electric. he borrows money off me as he runs out. when we went to the cinema (our first evening out just us 2 in almost a year) we were late cos he had to get high first with said friend.
3rd I can't say anything as he gets defensive and angry. no regard that I'm sitting there bored whilst him and his mates get high watching what they want on the TV. I get 'it's not our fault you don't like boxing or whatever it is on' hard to ever bring up how I feel as we have an audience. sometimes he falls asleep in the front room with me alone in the bedroom. he gets very angry if things don't go his way like he can't find something things get punched doors etc.
4th, he always wants lifts everywhere and never gives me anything and will question me why if I say no. like I'll be sitting outside his dealers house while he picks up or if he wants to go to his mum's or to the shop. wouldn't mind if it was occasionally but it's most days. even when I was ill. you don't get favors back without a urgh must i. everything is about him and his problems mine don't come close in comparison on the list of importances.
I'm not going mad, this isn't right surely? thank u. oh and I'm 21 he's not far off 25.
I think I know what I want to do but am I right or over reacting?
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