What are the signs?

i would like to know what are the top signs a guy is looking for a way out of the relationship?


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  • Distancing himself and not making an effort in the relationship. Plus, if he doesn't care about your feelings anymore. Isn't eager to spend time with you , or communicate with you. If he wants to spend more time with friends than with you.

    If you approach him on the subject he'll either get angry or refuse to give a valid answer. Someone who loves you and wants to be with you wouldn't want you to feel they no longer wanted you in their life anymore. So they'd talk to you , and reassure you that they do still want to be part of your life. They'd go out of their way to remove all doubts you have

  • just doesn't wanna do sex on the first date second or third.
    they are no signs , you just got go on dates and see where it goes


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