I suddenly really miss my ex?

My ex and I broke up about a year a half ago. He is the best guy I have ever met.. we never had any problems in the relationship but I broke up with him just because I felt like I was too young for such a serious relationship and I wanted to play the field a little. After a few months we both started dating new people. It was great I was totally fine with his new girlfriend and I fell in love with the guy I was dating very very quickly.. however the new guy and I had a lot of problems and it was evident that after about a year together, breaking up was the only option for us. (I still have feelings for this guy as well) My first ex is still with his new girlfriend and recently old feelings have been resurfacing when I see him. I have been around the two of them several times both while dating my new guy and being single.. and I have never felt this way. I really want to be together and I'm pretty sure that he still has feelings for me too. I have also noticed that the two of them seem to be distant. however, I wouldn't want to look like an idiot mentioning something and get rejected and I don't want to cause awkwardness or anger his new girlfriend. I also feel like a jerk for breaking up with him and now that he seems to be happy again I wouldn't want to ruin that. But I just have this feeling that there is something between us and I don't want to miss out. We were each others first true loves. What should I do?


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  • You're going to have to play the waiting game. Since there's no way to know for sure that he still has feelings for you, unless he outright tells you, you have to let him break up with his new girlfriend on his own. If you were to tell him that you still have feelings for him, that could cause him to react badly because he may feel threatened and think that you're intentionally trying to break up his current relationship. If things in his current relationship are as bad as you say they are, then just give it a bit of time.


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