What is she doing? Is she crazy?

Ive talked to this girl online since like last may and 2 weeks ago I asked her to be my girlfriend before I met her she was gonna throw big party with her friend that sat and she bailed on her friend and me and vanished.. Her ex boyfriend said she owes her 4k$ for a limo and isn't talking to her.

They both have aged emails and they are both linked to there MySpace..

I've blown her up which is only thing I could get mad at and hope it made her mad to but probably not.

Is she playing games, is she crazy is she cheating on me? Her or her "brother" have logged in yesterday read my MySpace and no reply nothing no status updates. How the hell did I ever get into this nice guy non asshole complete sucker type of situation?

sorry I put ex boy friend its her best friend she owes


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  • Yes, she's crazy.

    • Yeah it was total catfish lol! Lessons learned treat girls like sh*t

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