Could you stay with someone that cheated if no one else knew?

If your partner cheated anywhere from a kiss to sex, or maybe even just told a really serious lie, would a defining factor of whether or not you take them back be whether or not people knew about it? FOR EXAMPLE: your partner cheats and blasts all over twitter/Facebook/MySpace how sorry they are for what they did AND stated what they did. Would it be easier to take someone back if none of your friends/family knew the person they cheated with or that it even happened?

  • Yes, that means less damage control.
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  • No, it's still cheating. I deserve better then that.
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  • I might consider it more if less people knew and I didn't know the person.
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  • Damn near EVERYONE cheats! I'm not too innocent myself.
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  • I will never take back a cheater again. I made that mistake, do not follow my footsteps, you WILL regret it.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • i wouldn't care if they told the whole world , the whole world shouldnt be his interest it should be me. honestly, I don't think I could forgive a cheater unless we went through a lot other than that I would just move on , its kinda pathetic to show everyone on MySpace and twitter how sorry you were , couldn't you just remain faithful? [ I'm not addressing this to you, just in general ]

  • I think it would be easier if no one else knew.

    But I think the only why I would take a guy back after he cheated was if he came to me within a week of cheating and confessed and told me how sorry he was and stuff like that.

    There is no way I would a guy back if I heard from a friend.

    Also, It depends how far they went kissing 'yeah' making out 'i'll think about it' anything more no, just no.


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