Can you smack some sense into me?

My relationship ended dramatically where I was abandoned in a foreign state during family vacation with nothing but a phone and clothes on my back. I was left behind with the idea that my ex was suddenly cruel and thought I had no right to any of what we shared of almost a decade of being together with shared children.

I gave everything, it was my naivety and foolishness to be so subservient and trusting. Despite working from 0 and getting my children back even if it's temporary, I'm stressed over the idea I still love my ex. Self thoughts only came out of that I love what he gave, but not who he was, and the person I loved never even existed. I keep wishing he could have been less traumatic and more tactful at ending things so I could transition out of this easier.

How can I hate or get anger, the strength to go against him in court so I can have custody of my children? It's going to be at most 50/50 but my children wants to be with me. They apparently knew and witness the issues before I ever did, they just were silenced by the tension and that if I was putting up with it, they should too. They are so much happier now, and told me even though they still love and miss their dad, they don't want to live with him. That they can love a villain but know not to be with one. But I can't see him as a bad guy, I'm still stuck in survivor and people pleasing mode.

What can I do to get the strength because there's no turning back and he's trying to take my kids away. I have to be ruthless while he gets to be ugly. I know I won't have closure, but I can't leave my kids without a fight. I'm already losing because I'm poor as well as my friends/family and my ex's side is rich. I feel selfish and childish for not finding my inner wrath to bring to the table for my children to see that even the loving must fight for what's right.


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  • You want me to smack some sense into you? Ok. But I won't be polite. I won't be polite at all.

    YOU GODDAMN IDIOT. Dude acts like a psychopath, drops you in a foreign state with practically NOTHING and you still think of him as a GIOD PERSON? Are you so fucking moronic that you insist in a lie when truth has already hit you like a high velocity truck? No wonder you are such a people pleaser, you OBVIOUSLY can't get a man to love you, so you let yourself be used. With an attitude problem like that you'll either seek drastic change or live like a slave, which considering your lack of willpower might as well be what you DESERVE. Hell, your kids might as well be happier with their dad, at least he ain't no weak-ass bitch that can't EVEN PROTECT HER OWN CHILDREN.

    Angry enough now?


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  • I can 100% help you when I'm more awake. Please message me. I can help you with this.

    • I'm a child of divorce, I'm extremely well versed, including violence, I can help you

  • If someone hurts your children.. You have an obligation as a mother.. TO TAKE CARE Of THE PROBLEM.


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