Soon he said a "break" but I'm heartbroken still help/?

My now (ex) boyfriend told me we're taking a break about 3 weeks ago. He doesn't even talk to me anymore. I asked him if he meant like a break up instead of a "break" and he said "NO, i still wanna be with you." I miss him SOOO much and he never even talks to me first anymore EVER I asked him on purpose if he'd care if I saw someone else and he said "no." I don't want anyone else or him to see anyone else IT seems he doesn't care about me anymore he doesn't even check in on me ( HE TELLS ME THAT we can still talk... but NEVER text me first anymore or calls me like wtf. I am the only one that reaches out and I'm tired of it we won't talk for days only when I reach out and I'm just not used to that yet. I'm so hurt by this i cry everyday knowing he doesn't care even if we're on a break he doesn't even talk to me anymore.. Maybe I'm too emotional about it but how can you just stop talking to someone you "like" supposedly. Please help should I just let him go.. I really wanna send him one last message but i don't know if that's a good idea?


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  • "Break" is what a pussy says for breakup. It's over permanently. This is a word dishonest pussies like him use to keep the girl around thinking he'll get back with her but in reality he only gets back to fuck her when he can't find someone else. Get over it and move on

    • thank you so much! This is what I was thinking...

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  • He likes someone else but he doesn't know if he can have her, but he obviously couldn't get with her while in a relationship with you. It's probably a classmate, someone you know or have met. Leave him alone, and when he gets back to you, tell him that you want to breakup. When he asks why be sure to THANK him for giving you the time to realize how much you DON'T need him! Then put on a brave face and go out to have some fun and don't look back, Don't let him see how much this hurts you.

    • Thanks for this! lol I'll be sure to thank him haha

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  • I'd like to contradict the other guy's opinion. I've liked a girl but wanted space... that could be it. He really likes you but feels suffocated. If you can't deal with that, end it.

    • Bullshit. If you wanted "space" it meant you really didn't want her around

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    • @reptocarl Marriage is when you're older. I think it's fair for a young person to want some space but 3 weeks is way too much.

    • Older? I was married and had 2 kids at your age. A relationship is a constant compromise and being together as much as possible. You don't fit that. It's all on your terms like with a prostitute

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  • He broke up with you but wants to keep you hanging incase his exploits go wrong.

    Honey. Treat it as a break up. He wants to keep you as a back up and that's not fair. Don't speak to him.


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