Guys, Ex fling texting you "happy birthday " after breaking things off?

I had been dating this guy for about 4 months and things were pretty serious. We spent a lot of time together ( like almost everyday) . Well about two weeks before splitting he told me that everything got to be too much and he needed space. Not only that , but he told me he wanted the option to see other people.. Now all this came as a surprise to me being that he was telling me the whole time he wanted a relationship and that I was the perfect person for him ( met his mother& people that mean the most to him ). All that being said I didn't take this news well. We had a blow up and he broke things off. Now my question to the "guys" is does spending me happy birthday text after breaking things off a month prior mean he wants to rekindle things? Or am I just overthinking? ( mind you haven't spoke at all since the break off ) We ended things on a cordial note.. Help?


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  • I don't know but whatever it is.. it's better that you stay away from him because he didn't sound like he is really interested in you...
    I mean he did so many things and just wants to see other people now? That's bullshit... it looks like he was just playing you..

    • Hmm ; I guess I was being naive and thinking that people couldn't really be that cold. Like why do the most and then just be done. Why waste your time? well he said he wanted to "option " to see other people and continue to talk/ hang out with me after being as serious as we were..

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    • Yep, you're right ! Thanks for your insight

    • You are welcome :-)

  • He's just being nice.

    • Why be nice now? We have no more ties? Just seems odd to me. I know if I didn't care I wouldn't send anyone anything..

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