Dealing with an ex girlfriend?

Well, I think I know some answers to my questions but I was just curious as to what thoughts other people had.

1. What the hell does "I'm just not feeling the whole relationship thing" or "I'm just not comfortable dating you" mean?

2. What is the issue with some women thinking they are going to hurt me by telling me the truth about why she doesn't wanna date me any more? I'm already hurt anyways so what does it matter? I told one ex that I wanted a straight answer so I could move on but she dangled it in front of me saying that I already knew why (regardless of the excuse being fake and gay).

3. Same ex would see me and start whispering like crazy to her friends. I did the music for my church and when she was there she would give me odd stares and stuff like as if to say wtf why are you looking at me?

4. Anything that she said had apparently not bothered her in the relationship she teased me about and got her friends to join in the laughter.

5. I did the stupid thing when we broke up and tried to win her over by giving her a birthday gift of my sweater and a card to say that I wanted us to work out and stuff. She told me later she couldn't accept it and wanted to give it back but never did. She never even indicated whether she had it or burned it or anything.

6. Why won't any girl believe me when I say that I'm into them and I'm not really looking around either? They also assume I'm a player and a pimp and I'm not. I barely get any girls at all.

7. Why did my ex try to make me talk about other girls? I didn't wanna talk about that kinda stuff.

8. She also mentioned about her summer and having a place to work at with lots of cute guys. That honestly touched a nerve and hurt. This could have gone into question 7 but I don't know they could write theory books on this so yeah.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to your responses.
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Well, I managed to cut her out of my life about 6 months ago and we don't talk anymore. YAY! :) lol I'm such a prick some days hehehe. But yeah, I managed to get over her finally and I could really care less about her and whatever she's up to any more.
Dealing with an ex girlfriend?
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