My ex said he wanted to be friends and is now ignoring me?

My boyfriend and I had been friends for a couple months prior to dating and we dated for about 2 months before he ended things. We broke up a almost 3 weeks ago because he felt that i didn't care enough for him. I really do care about him and love him, but its just hard for me to show those feelings so it led to a lot of fights between us. We're also in different cities so its hard for us to see each there and the distance caused a lot of tension between us. We mainly communicate by text. He said he was finally done and broke things off, leaving me devastated because I had been the one pushing us to stay together (we broke up two times before and got back together). I was too hurt by his words, he can be very harsh sometimes, and I didn't contact him again. A week later he texts, saying "Hey, i was wondering if we can start talking like friends again." He had not mentioned he wanted to stay friends. This pissed me off because he always says one thing and does another. I told him i wasn't ready and he said ok. Then a week later, I was starting to miss him because he was a large part of my life and I texted him saying we can give being friends a shot. We texted briefly but his responses were unenthusiastic and short and I eventually just left the conversation and haven't texted him back. He hasn't either and I don't know whats going through his mind. Is he mad i wouldn't talk to him when he wanted to? Is he just over me and doesn't want to be friends? It just makes me so mad when he thinks i don't care, when i feel like he actually doesn't care. I am always there to support him and give him encouragement and he just acts very distant with me. He says he gets distant when he stressed about school, which is true and i understand, but then he has time to do fun things with different people and he acts totally normal then. I just don't get him
My ex said he wanted to be friends and is now ignoring me?
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