If you have been trying to contact your ex and he does not connect with you but all of a sudden puts up a girls pic on his texting site, petty much?

I saw my ex boyfriends whatsapp has a pic of a girl that all my friends say looks like me, small frame, small face etc... could be a type of girls that he is into? I dunno... but they say its weird bc on his instagram she is not following him back only he is following her and I have seen her before on his list. Weird that he put her pic on whatsapp, as people are saying he did it on whatsapp to get you jealous. COuld this be that? If he is doing this why? and not answer my texts and calls when I asked to be friends.


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  • I think you guys are looking too much into this. I follow Jessica Nigri because I think she's attractive. There isn't usually an alternative motive to that sort of thing. If he was trying to make you jealous, he'd pick someone better looking than you, not someone threat looks like you. The girl and you and probably just his preferred appearance.

    • Exactly my point, he could have picked a super hot girl not someone as a reflection of me. Hence I mean it is petty, correct? Some are saying he is doing it out of disrespect and to bug me. Some are saying maybe he wants to see your reaction that I will scream and demand to know who she is. Possible?

    • Well he's your EX boyfriend so if that was his juvenile little plan by some means, you shouldn't really care.

      I don't really know the details of your break up, but he could not be returning your calls because he's really hurt, he's angry because he couldn't get you to put out, or any number of other things. I wouldn't worry too much about It.
      Use this excess energy to find another relationship if it'd make you happy.

  • He is trying to move on. Let him. Guys do NOT want contact with exes.

    • no harm in moving on but putting a pic of a girl. alone who. is not even following him on social mefia is petty

    • I will agree with that. It's a two way street. He needs to knock off his behavior towards you too.

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  • Haha this is hilarious...

    My ex of five years after I had left him alone set a pic of a random ugly THING as his whatsapp picture on her own, never in two years of whatsapp did he have a picture. I used to be his only contact on there. He is a shy guy with like two friends. Scared of women,

    Anyway, friend spoke to him in there pretended she had the wrong number, he instantly changed the picture. She mentioned the pic and he said it was his girlfriend... That night he changed the pic back to her again. I had left him alone though so can't work out if she is real or not lol. It's been driving me crazy ad she is so ugly and doesn't look like she's from this area or anything... None of it adds up!

    Anyway, let me know the result of this lol!

    I have deleted whatsapp and put it on my work phone for a few weeks to "disappear" as he isn't speaking to me! Lol and it's his birthday next week which I normally make effort for, so thought I'd just disappear like he wants ay!

    • yeah i think its petty. i dont think she is his girlfriend. because she is not following him on instagram back. i blocked him on instagram. so i can see. I think he put a pic of a girl that he likes. i dont she does because if she did wouldn't she b following him back. people say we look alike. the small face.. body size. i think that could b a type per say

    • How old are you btw? My guy is 28 next week and we were buying a house when he suddenly went all "ahhhhhhhh" on me, he has lots of insecurities and found out his job was at risk etc, couldn't handle the pressure. Not spoken to me since, but I have tried many times, then he set his pic of that 3 weeks after I said I couldn't do anymore!

      So I tried again, as everyone said its clearly fake etc to make me jealous, so I was like "fine" and tried 3 weeks after he set the pic, to look like I only just noticed and went crazy on him, as I thought if he wants a reaction he can have one. I got nout back. I sent him a final email last week with all the relationship issues and how to resolve them on it and leaving him to it. I can't be bothered anymore.

      He hasn't got much experience with mind games/ex gfs etc, has your guy? Is he a confident guy? My guy isn't which is why i think its fake.

      How did you break up?

      Just trying to work out if my guys girl is real or not. I find it all very strange

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