Do you think he'll come back?

My boyfriend and I was been arguing all last week. He thought that I've been getting mad at him a lot and it's been pushing him away. It started on Wednesday we talked about it and broke up but then we decided to try to work it out. We tried it for a day but I could tell he wasn't that interested so we broke it off on Friday.

Thursday (the day we decided to make it work) he met a girl and started to talk to her. He said he loved me and would want to try. But now that this girl is in the picture he doesn't want to work it out because he is so sure that this girl he just met is going to work out. I'm just super hurt right now
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Well I wasn't really getting mad I was telling him stuff that bothered me and he didn't realize the difference. He's the type of guy that keeps stuff bottled up inside until it builds up and I'm kinda the opposite
Do you think he'll come back?
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