Will we get back together?

me and my partner split up when I was 7 months pregnant because I was so confused I didn't know what I wanted, he cried and asked if there was any chance of us getting back, not wanting 2 keep him holding on I said no, after the baby was born he met someone else, I still loved him but wanted him to be happy so I never said anything. they split up after 2years together. he don't have any family and when Christmas come I asked him if he wanted 2 stay here with me and the baby, he stayed for 3 days ova Xmas an we ended up sleeping together, I told him how I felt and he said that he would go as far as saying he still loves me an that he thought he would have felt the same but he don't. so we left it like that. a few weeks later I went out and ended up knocking his door drunk, we slept 2getha again and stayed 2getha 4 a few weeks, when I asked him what he wanted he said he didn't know and that he just wanted me 2b happy an he wants 2b happy but he don't want the relationship stuff. I told him that wasn't enough and left it again! I see him every week when he picks the baby up an we get on great, he has dinner here with us every Sunday an sometimes we will take the baby out together for the day, but now I don't know what 2 do, I don't know if he's confused or scared of getting hurt again (that have happened a lot) or if he really don't want me anymore! I really love him an I don't know if I should hold on or leave him go! what do you think?


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  • am nit gonna lie and say I read all the story, but I go to the point where you both slept together in xmas..

    Now, why did you say no when he asked if you still love him, this is what I don't understand.

    see, now ure regretting it :@

    i really feel mad when this happens :O

    • I didn't say no that I didn't love him, I said no we won't get back, I seen how much I hurt him an because I was so confused I didn't want him to be hanging on! yeah I' am rgretting it and I was really stupid

    • Ok ya I know, you said no, there was no way you two could go back together.

      I don't understand why you wouldn't want him to hang on! at least for ure daughter's sake !

      anyway, talk to him about securing a family for ure daughter, is he mature enough to sacrifice some of guys' crazy life in order for his daughter to grow up in a family.

      gd luck

    • He don't go out an have that life anymore, he trains all the time an works 6 days a week, when he ain't in work he's got the baby! he just says he don't want the relationship stuff! thanks tho

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  • just do what you think is best


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