Would this be stupid?

My ex and were friends for a bit but then my depression started to get the best of me and when we were hanging out last week he told me I was bringing him down and being super distant (which I started being distant because he showed me a snapchat he got from a girl and it was of her chest down fully clothed but said something like I was bored so I got my nips pierced) It made me jealous but as the night went I was I talking to him more but apparently I still seemed distant. I left late that night and apologized to him and he told me he didn't want to talk to me or ever see me besides at work (because I was supposed to start working where he does but I left before I started) and how he doesn't want to be around me because I'm so depressing. And I apologized and told him that I have been going through a lot (new town, moved out of my parents, finding a job, family dog died and we broke up) and he told me I was being annoying and pissing him off and to stop talking to him... So I'm doing just that but it's been almost 2 weeks since we last talked and I really really wanna talk to him again and he snapchatted my brother who he has only met once and they never talk and it's weird. It's like he's trying to get a reaction from me or something. I really wanna start talking to him again. Would it be dumb of me to?
Would this be stupid?
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