My ex contacted me after 2 months of NC?

when he broke up with me, he gave me the "its not you its me" and said he didn't feel the same way about me anymore. when he contacted me via twitter, he started out by saying "hey its been a while, sorry i feel bad about that" assuming i was waiting around for him to get in touch with me LOL. he then went on to talk about himself and go into more detail on the breakup and said he wasn't ready for a committed relationship (we dated a year and a half...) and said "i hope you understand" he barely even apologized and then went on to change the subject and talked about baseball.. why do you think he messaged me saying all of that? i do know for a fact that he has no friends at school and coincidentally, he just went back to school and he knows i was always there for him when no one else was. i just want anyone's opinion on why he said what he said.
My ex contacted me after 2 months of NC?
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