I feel low, what shall I do?

I've just finished uni and I've come to live back home, I've been unemployed for two months! I feel so shit, my relationship has been going bad, my partner doesn't seem like he wants to fix it, my sister was the closest to me but I feel we've been distant now I feel like I don't have anyone, I never go out, I'm never in the mood, I just feel so low like I don't know what to do


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  • Aww, hugs*😊 you don't have anyone you can talk about this with? right now I think you need to be patient with the job search, you'll have to keep trying!

    • Thank you, and no I don't! Yeah I feel so unmotivated as well, I feel like everything is bringing me down

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    • Thank you can I talk to you on chat please?

    • Yea of course

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  • Im going through the same exact thing. I'm an ear if u ever need it


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  • finished uni like me hhh
    but i gt fired yesterday so im ahead of u hhhh
    listen to some calm music :p

  • I'd say get out the house, i would say a picnic with good fun even a guy friend.
    Go out catch a movie and have fun with yourself and or maybe with a friend.

  • Just get away from everything that's negative, even if it's for a day. I went through the same thing and got the point of contemplating ending it. I just left one day without telling anyone where I was going, just that I was going out for the day. Did some thinking at the beach for hours and came home ready to conquer the world. Sometimes you just need to clear your mind so you can really think about all the positives and be optimistic


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