Should I Tell Him?

Okay So My BEST Guy Friend Is With This One Girl.

& Today One Of My Friends Told Me.

"Hey ******* Is Cheating On Your Best Friend ! My Best Friend Told Me That She Saw His Girlfriend At My Friends House. & Then She Told Me That He Told Her That She Left Her Shirt There !"

Okay So Names Were Blocked Out For Personal Reasons.

But If You Don't Understand It That...

My Best friends Girlfriend Was Seen At This Guys House.

That Guy Said That She Left Her SHIRT At His House.

Do You Think That She Might've Done Something With That Guy ?

I Want To Tell Him Because I Don't Want Him To Get Even MORE Hurt Than He Will Be. ;/

I Really Like Him... Should I Tell Him The Truth Or Just Left Him Find Out Himself ?


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  • Don't tell him that she's cheating or she isn't. Just go to him and tell him what you've heard, and let him talk to her about it or investigate.

    If it turns out she did cheat on him, and he finds out you knew and didn't tell him, he could be mad at you for not telling him.

  • Huh?


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