My Ex girlfriend problems? Help?

My Ex- girlfriend broke up with my about 6 months ago but was the one to come with the idea of being friends. We talked everyday after the breakup too. I believe she has moved on because she hasn't contacted me since last week. She also lost her feelings for me fast. Like, doesn't she still think about anything when we dated? I feel like it's hard for me to move on. She was like attached to me when we dated. She wanted to cry on time when her parents were gonna take her phone ( they do that a lot). She even told me she missed me when we hadn't talked for like 2 days. Then she just loses feelings like nothing ever happened. She said, I was her blessing, her everything etc and boom she gone. But I'm over her still thinking about her, wondering what is she up too and stuff. I lost my feelings for her but some how I still have her text's saved on my phone even though I deleted them and they brought back all theses memories and stuff. I kinda want her back now, but I know it not gonna happen again. She even texted me out of the blue a few weeks ago after a month of no contact. Any help?
My Ex girlfriend problems? Help?
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