If you wanted to get back with your ex?

OKAY, so if you wanted to get back with your ex (were in high school graduating) would you go back right away or wait till the summer?

because mine wants to wait till the summer because he doesn't want high school drama but people tell me if he did love me he would go now?!

so confused and sad please help


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  • Ok.. if he really wants to be with you he would do it right away and get over the whole high school drama stuff. When people say to wait, it usually means they're involved in something else or they're to lazy to deal with it,and nobody likes a dude who's not completely into the relationship.

  • If I really wanted it? Right away.

    What's the point of waiting? Besides, if everything will go just fine, we'll be in good relations already when summer comes.

    Also, if I'll get rejected, I won't feel that I've lost my time waiting.


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