He said we're "taking a break." but then says he still wants me?

so my ex boyfriend and I have been dating for the past couple months and i like him soooo much. But about a month ago.. He tells me that we need to take a 'LITTLE' break. I did give him his space but He would never contact me unless I did first. Not like he use to anyway. And i always tell him he doesn't put it any effort so it must mean he doesn't like me anymore and he ALWAYS tells me he still wants me.. I tell him to just break up with me for good but his response always is "I still wanna be with you." Soo yesterday i texted him because he doesn't text or call me anymore AT ALL.. and what does he say "I'm fixing something..." like he doesn't even make sense, I'm starting to think he's just making excuses.. but overtime I tell him off and tell him he should just end it all in all he tells me "i still wanna be with you." It makes me so confused like what does he mean he never even talks to me anymore but he still wants me to hold on or something and it hurts.. please help? is it really over for good because he just tells me it isn't and i don't know if he's lying?
He said we're "taking a break." but then says he still wants me?
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