Should I contact my ex after we slept together?

I met up with him recently after months of not seeing him, but we have spoken through text. He said two weekends in a row that he wanted to see me. We ended up sleeping together at his new flat, which is just upstairs from the old one, and he had my bath stuff around the shower for some reason, which I thought he would have thrown away.

When I left he gave me the Backpack I got him as a present, so i could take my work laptop home and his umbrella. He said "It would be a good excuse to see you again. Do you want to see me again?"

He said it's going to mess with our heads, but we can worry about it tomorrow, and he text me when I got home the next day but haven't spoken since Sat & he hasn't been online.

We didn't really discuss our feelings, but he hasn't been with anyone & doesn't want to know if I have. He said I seems so familiar, but it's weird. He brought up past memories and cuddled me when we slept & held hands. He called me baby at one point. shall I just wait if he asks for his stuff back? I don't want to keep it.

We broke up because he will never be a guy that lives with a girl and has a normal relationship & he's 33 soon. He wanted me, but wanted his own space too.

Should I contact my ex after we slept together?
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